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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pillar box red

If you follow me on twitter (@whatjoycedid) you would know that I found this fabulous, classic Butter London nail polish for just two freaking dollars. I'm quite damn chuffed with myself since it was originally FOURTEEN* dollars. BARGAIN! Unfortunately, I don't have some link where super cheap nail polish is sold since I stumbled upon this amazing find purely by chance. I was popping into a convenience store (either for chips or ice-cream I can't remember) and there was a metal basket thing near the counter full of Ulta3 polishes priced at $2 each; but lying on top, like a diamond in the rough was this beautiful baby- MY new beautiful baby.

Ok it was quite that dramatic and but I may or may not have jumped up and down with glee, before asked the  shopkeeper- "IS THIS TWO DOLLARS. ARE YOU SURE. COULD YOU SCAN IT FOR ME." and lo' and behold it was. HALLELUJAH.

Now forget what you just read, I'm still slightly delirious happiness.

*there are going to be a lot of CAPITAL LETTERS which means I'M SPEAKING (or typing) LOUDLY TO EMPHASIZE SOMETHING.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The change in my pockets just wasn't enough

 (jumper H&M, loafers forever21)

This jumper from H&M is literally the most comfortable and fluffiest piece of clothing I own, up to the point that when I'm wearing it I constantly have the urge to hug myself (sad I know). But you really need to see (and feel!) it in real life to understand of fluffiness.

It's still sort of 'Summer but not quite' weather so a light, mint jumper seems to be the perfect choice and I love how looks with pastel pink and gold.

After wondering around Bing Lee for a looooong time looking for a new TV since ours broke many months ago and we've been not bothered to buy a new one since now (still not purchased FYI), we went for food (YAYYY), more precisely Fogo Brazilia's amazing burgers. They also have the very best onion rings I've ever tasted.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Give me a minute while my heart stops breaking

With summer, comes unfortunately, mosquitoes. Sometime in the middle of the night last night, I heard the familiar  irritating buzz of a mosquito and my first thought was "Just take a bite and go away so I can sleep." Turns out, it did, several big fat bites on my face. So no close ups of my face today, for obvious reasons.

Moving to nicer, prettier topics, I spotted this necklace in my jewellery box the other day and wondered why I don't wear it nearly as much as I should, so I'm wearing it today. I love the vintage feel and the little pearl embellishments; it was a birthday present from a friend and I think she bought it from Love Couture..

Going to stay home for the rest of the week-end until the big itchy red lumps on my face begin to fade away. Wasn't that an attractive mental picture.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

You and I buy star maps and drive around los angeles

Went to Crinitis for the first time today, for our end-of-season netball dinner and oh my goodness, their food is just unbelievable, even though you're full, you just want to keep eating, that's how good everything was. We ordered one of their famous metre long pizzas and it was freaking GINORMOUS, even after stuffing ourselves to the rim, there were still three slices left. But the very best thing on their menu has to be their wedges. Crunchy on the outside with a light fluffy middle, dipped in sour cream and sweet and chili sauce. *drools*

After wondering around the harbour for a bit, we stopped at Starbucks, and I tried my first salted caranel frappacino, it was very good, but I think they over-salted my whipped cream slightly. Or maybe I was just still overly full and probably didn't enjoy it properly, so I might give it another go some other time. :/

A very simple outfit today- I wore my striped jumper, which is perfect for the awkward winter-to-spring-to-summer transitioning weather that Sydney's going through at the moment; with it being sunny one moment and cloudy and windy the next.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Clock of the heart

After book-marking the page on the official Michael Kors website for ages and clicking on it every other day or so, I finally ordered it and HERE IT IS! In all it's beautiful golden ticking glory.

I'm planning on wearing it everyday in the immediate and far future. Shopping malls and shops are starting to deck themselves out in Christmas decorations, everything look so sparkly and festive. I'm in such a good mood, partly because Downtown Abbey Season 3 is out (YAYYYY) and I'm going to get started on it tonight. Wonder what scandal is going to break out next? ; )

Have a happy week-end!