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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Rainy day discoveries

After a breakfast of some raisin toast and my giant mug of tea, I went off to volunteer at my local charity shop.

And I found something incredible! This amazing polaroid camera in seemingly mint condition (of course I'm uncertain as to whether or not it actually works, but even if it doesn't it still looks lovely right?). I was there with my friend Jackie, and since we both wanted it, we decided to split the cost and share it. 

Although today's weather was considerably gloomy, my little discovery certainly brightened up my day. :)
How is everyone's Saturday going?


  1. ohh that raisin toast looks lovely!
    this is the satchel i have its the 15'
    love livvy xo

    1. Thanks lovely! I'll go have a look. :)

      Xx Joyce


Thank you!