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Thursday, 24 January 2013


 1. A very filling but very good late eggs benedict breakfast from The Coffee Club.

2. Happy Joyce all ready to head out for some sale shopping.

3. The sky of that first super-duper hot summer afternoon.

4. Cutest little fluffball all tired from a very long walk.

5. My new favourite foundation.

6. Deciding whether or not I need a glitter nail polish (so bloody hard to take off but really shiny!)

Pretty bummed that schools starting next week and this is the last week of the summer holidays; man they went by so quickly! But looking forward to finally seeing my bestest friend who gets back to Sydney in four days. :-D

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wake me up

I'm been looking for a good quality 'drugstore' foundation for a while now, and I think I'm finally found a winner! The thing I love most about this foundation in particular is the smell.

Whilst most foundations have that distinctly powery foundation smell (anyone who has ever used foundation will know what I'm talking about), Rimmel Wake Me Up smells pleasantly fresh and vaguely fruity. In a good way.

I'm not the first to jump of the wake-me-up bandwagon, as many, many bloggers have written rave reviews, and I guess I'll just add this one to that already very long list.

You may have also heard about the sparkly qualities. This put me off for a while because although everyone loves a nice glow, no one wants to look like Edward Cullen, but the shimmery effect isn't at all noticeable under daylight and you can only really see it if you hold it up under artificial lighting and squint.

What's your favourite foundation?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

She's got diamonds on the soles of her shoes

The green is much more sparkly in real life I promise

A few days ago, whilst having a browse at the lovely jewellery in Lovisa, I spotted these pretty studs. Link here if anyone is interested. The thing that brought them to my attention was how very sparkly they were. Anyone who has ever stepped into a jewellery/accessories store of any sort know that there are literally piles of piles of studs in every single colour of the rainbow, but these are most certainly very special and unique.

What makes them different is that they are made from Swarosvki crystals; which would explain the sparkliness and I think are the result of a Lovisa collaboration with them. How exciting!

There were quite a few colours to choose from, but I've picked the clear because it goes with everything. And also an emerald green pair, because one of my school colours is navy green and I thought it would add a little twinkle to my otherwise boring uniform.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

We got pink flamingoes in the front yard

Rather than a huge Christmas present 'haul' I've decided to just show you my most favourite-est present this year, since most of my presents have been either eaten, or used and are no longer so nice to photograph.

This lovely Ninewest wallet was a present from Mama and she really does know me so well. I've been looking for a nice wallet for ages and this one ticks all the boxes; glossy, zips-up-over-and-then-down-the-sides, reasonably roomy and striped insides (!). Apparently they're on sale now too, with the whole stock-take/boxing-day fiasco going on.

Here's the link if you're looking for a new wallet and you fancy this one:

Happy Holidays!