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Monday, 3 December 2012

Original Source Mint

Sorry for my lack of posting lately! I've just moved and it took about a week for the internet company to transfer the wifi.

But enough about that; so I was wandering around the shopping aisles in Coles the other day (the 'beauty, skincare, and hygiene section) and on the ORIGINAL SOURCE shower gel shelf, there was one of those big yellow in-your-face SPECIAL signs. So then what else was there to do but start sniffing them? They actually smell really good by the way. Well at least the Shea Butter and Mint ones smell good. I'm not a real fan of lavender in general so that one didn't appeal to me.

But since I've just gone through a bottle of the Palmolive Shea Butter shower gel, and the Original Source one smells exactly the same, I decided on the Mint and Tea Tree flavour(?). I thought since Summer's here and everything mint would be a very refreshing smell to smell of. : )

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