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Monday, 23 September 2013

Life lately

It's 1:30pm and I'm sat in my dressing gown, cup of tea beside me typing this up. IT'S THE HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

1. Friday mcdonalds treat, the very best way to end the week.

2. Finishing up Papertowns by John Green. To be honest, it wasn't amazing and the plot was a little slow.

3. Taken in the middle of winter when the trees were bare.

4. This one was taken at the end/ beginning of spring, these two photos side by side are a beautiful contrast, nature amazes me sometimes.

5. The Great Gatsby. I completely understand (and agree!) with it's title as the 'great american novel'.

6. Only have time for breakfasts like these on the weekends during the term.

7. Saturday sleep-ins; a very good feeling indeed.

8. 'The world's best burgers' is a very big claim.

9. Grill'd does have the best veggie burger I've ever had though. Try Garden Goodness if there's one of these in your town.

10. Bunting is just so cheery and happy it puts a smile on my face instantly.

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