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Sunday, 28 October 2012


1. My worried face during a freaky thunderstorm when it suddenly started hailing! Eeeek.
2. Dabbling with the return of double denim, quite like it actually!
3. A very good lunch that I had been looking to all morning
4. Flowers for our teacher who is leaving, goodluck and goodbye Ms Rosmarin!
5. Pyrmont is such a quaint little place.
6. SPOTTO! ;)

Sorry for my rather long and unexplained absence on my blog. I've just come back from an exahusting Duke of Ed 2 day hike which completely wiped me out so I'm currently in my fluffy pink dressing gown revelling in my return to civilisation (you have no idea how much I appreciate hot showers at the moment!) I still have three assignments to go and then I'M DONE! WHOOOP-DE-DOOOP. This is a very lazy post as I don't have the time, or energy to really edit and take pictures so fast and easy insta-snaps will have to do for now.

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Thank you!