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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The change in my pockets just wasn't enough

 (jumper H&M, loafers forever21)

This jumper from H&M is literally the most comfortable and fluffiest piece of clothing I own, up to the point that when I'm wearing it I constantly have the urge to hug myself (sad I know). But you really need to see (and feel!) it in real life to understand of fluffiness.

It's still sort of 'Summer but not quite' weather so a light, mint jumper seems to be the perfect choice and I love how looks with pastel pink and gold.

After wondering around Bing Lee for a looooong time looking for a new TV since ours broke many months ago and we've been not bothered to buy a new one since now (still not purchased FYI), we went for food (YAYYY), more precisely Fogo Brazilia's amazing burgers. They also have the very best onion rings I've ever tasted.


Thank you!