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Monday, 1 July 2013

Instagram lately


Been more than a little m.i.a. on the blogging front lately, I'm blaming it on assessment week, but now it's the holidays whooooo. So get ready to see my mug a whole lot more (hopefully). Looking forward immensely to catch up on tv (priorities!) and eating (again, priorities :)). This is a bit of a filler post, basically me popping in and letting you all know I'm still alive. ALSO google reader is ending tomorrow! Please shuffle on over to bloglovin' it's so much easier to use and amazing for reading posts from your favourite bloggers.

Much love!
x Joyce


  1. I love Pandora too! And the toes in the tub are super cute too :)

    1. Next on the wishlist; their famous bracelets, can't wait to start collecting beads. Haha, thankyou!

      Love Joyce


Thank you!