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Monday, 10 June 2013

Pancakes on the rocks

Gorgeous skirts in every print you can think of!

Being the cheesy poser I am.

How adorable are the decorations on this lemonade stand?

Just looking at this makes me simultaneously hungry but also a little sore from the memory of being stuffed to the gills. 

If you've bothered to scroll down so far well hello, and sorry for the sore finger!! I am unfortunately, one of those people who are excruciatingly bad at choosing, not only pictures but in general. So the only possible solution was just to leave everything in..

So last weekend I finally went to Pancakes on the Rocks, at The Rocks for the very first time. EEEEEeeee. this visit has been a long time coming and am I glad I finally went! The hardest thing is choosing which mouthwatering chocolate covered stack to order. After much umming and ahhhing I finally settled on 'chocolate jewel's'; the stuff chocoholics dreams are made of. Impossibly big, and fluffy and topped off with a big 'ol scoop of ice-cream, words cannot convey how amazing these baby's were. I do recommend however sharing with a friend as each pancake is roughly the size of my face and about one and a half centimetres thick. After polishing off the first one I had already grown a substantial food baby but I powered through at managed to get through half of the second one before admitting defeat.

After almost slipping into a food coma, my friend Su and I had a little wander around 'The Rocks' which is I think (correct if I'm wrong fellow Sydney-siders!) the oldest part of Sydney with beautiful old-fashion brick and sandstone buildings. Ahhh they just don't make 'em like that any more. Thank you to Su for taking pictures for me. 


  1. great post )
    love the look)

    Angela Donava

  2. great photos, especially the one with the opera house.


    1. Thanks, that's lovely of you to say.

      x Joyce


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