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Saturday, 21 February 2015

17, dancing queen*

Last year, I made a birthday post, and I think it's a good thing to try and continue and reflect, or plan each year. New Year's is always too confronting to really sit down and think about anything, it always feels like a shock that another year has gone by, a whole year that I'll never have a change to go back to. But birthdays don't have those connotations, so it feels a bit less confronting.

This year, I know, will be gone before I know it, but there'll also be moments which feel like they'll never pass. It's an important time in terms of dictating future paths, but also not at the same time. There are always uncertainties, always alternative ways around. I read something the other day, which I think is valuable advice to keep in mind

"Be firm about your goals, but flexible about your methods and how you get there."

I find that personally, I'm much more effective and significantly less crazed when I concentrate on each singular task before me, rather than fixating on all that is before me and the whole culmination of tasks yet to be done. Because I have no clear goals or career(s) in mind, I want to well enough to provide myself the widest range of options possible. That's going to take a lot of hard work, but I'm up for it. I just hope that it's enough. But even if it isn't, it'll have to be.

*I'm actually pretty terrible at dancing 

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