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Friday, 24 May 2013

Think Pink

A few weeks ago, I bought my very first lush bath bomb, nay lush product EVER, which was think pink. I don't know why it's taken me so long to dip into the wonderful world of lush, but now that I've given it a try, I must say I'm addicted. Another visit is definitely in order very soon.

The best thing about lush bath bombs, is that only will they make your bath feel super special, but how great they make your room smell just sat on the shelf! It makes your whole room smell lovely and fragrant; no wonder lush shops always smell so good.

When you put it into the water, Think Pink starts fizzing (always good fun to watch) and the three little flowers up top dissolve releasing pink confetti hearts which is always a nice surprise. Not only is it so darn adorable (just look at it!) it also leaves your skin really moisturised and smelling amazing.

They are quite pricey though, so I think bath bombs will have to be a special treat when I'm feeling especially stressed.  


  1. I agree Lush is pricey, but their stuff looks so nice. The first ever lush product that I purchased was a pre-prepared gift for a friend XD The workers at lush are friendly too. How can you say no to an afro man doing demos for you?

  2. Hello! I've been enjoying reading your lovely blog.

    Can you please tell me where you got your heart patterned tea light holder? It's so cute :-)

    1. Thank you Emi! The tealight holder is from a shop called Bed, Bath 'n' Table but I'm not sure if they have stores outside of Australia.

      Love Joyce

  3. great post )
    love the pics!
    best wishes!

    Angela Donava

  4. I love Lush Bath Bombs but rarely buy them due to my nearest Lush being far away and the prices too. This one looks and sounds so pretty though so I'll have to give it a go :)

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog


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