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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Whatever people say, that's what i'm not

jumper: H&M belt: Witchery dress: Ladakh shoes: can't-remember-sorry 

Walked around doing this all day and annoying the hell out of everyone as per usual

Akjhfaksjdghsfkjgh school. Being the lazy person that I am, even just having to get up early and making myself presentable (e.g. getting dressed, brushing my teeth etc you know what I mean) packing all my things into a bag that I need for the day, eating breakfast and heading out all the door, all in under an hour's time. WOW that was a long sentence. But I'm constantly amazed at people (basically everyone other than myself) who manage to do this, and not end up grumpy by the time they actually arrive at school (ahem me).

Right, rant over.

Although this outfit is pretty tame for internet standards, (when this extists, what isn't?!!) but I did get a lot of weird looks walked around out-and-about today in my conservative.. dwelling area. But yes! This means that I'm doing something different and although not every outfit (different or not) is going to be a successful, I think putting together outfits and whatnot, gets better with practise, so here I am practising. :) 


  1. i love the colour of ur jumper :D and i love how u belted your outfit! looks so tailored and fitting :D

    so glad i dropped past

    xx Michelle

    1. Aw thanks michelle! I originally planned on just the jumper and dress, but after putting it all on realised how shapeless the whole thing looked! <3

      Love Joyce

  2. I love your jumper! xx
    ps. WPSIATWIN is one of my favourite albums!

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit! I absolutely adore that jumper, it looks so cosy!


Thank you!