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Friday, 11 October 2013

Summer Lovin'


There are few things better than relaxing on the beach on a hot summer's day watching the waves roll in to shore, reading and generously slathered in coconut lotion.

Unfortunately, those days happen much rarer than I would like, with pesky things like school, and work getting in the way. There's nothing wrong with a little daydream though and these pieces make up a pretty ideal beach day situation I think.

Bikinis are little scary at the best of times, but you can't go wrong with a classic black  high-waisted one, one you won't have to chuck out next year for the next new trendy one you'll regret a few weeks later. Add to the mix some tortoiseshell shell sunnies to protect those precious peepers and a light dress to throw over the top when you take a break from sunning on the sand to go for a shop or lunch (hard life eh?).

Now if only maths homework would bugger off for a day or two.. 


Thank you!